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matelas 140x190 The original 3-D product is easy to use. Field erected and shotcreted to build extraordinarily strong walls. Insulation in the center causes maximum energy savings due to the thermalmass effect of a concrete sandwich. Used in every type of concrete wall. Complete testing verifies the integrity of the 3-D panel.
veranda The new standard for insulated precast and tilt-up walls - the easy way! Strength and insulation all in one panel. Always centered in the concrete panel. Thoroughly tested. Technically, exceeds the standards of the industry.
Thermacore radiant heating systems The professional installation of radiant heating systems starts with Thermacore, the system that improves the radiant performance. Pour a bed of concrete, drop Thermacore, place the radiant system onto mesh grid, then pour top coat of concrete - it's that simple. Use for slabs and above grade. Thoroughly tested.
matelas 140x190 The marriage of any forms system (aluminum, steel, plywood) with 3-D panel creates a concrete insulated wall or building -- fast and easy. Insulated hard walls with strength and energy efficiency. Panel stays centered in forms. No soft surfaces. Structural strength of Form-N-Pour panel usually replaces all other steel needed in formed and poured walls. Wonderful for both residential and commercial, above and below grade.

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